Taking Care of Your Football Jersey: The Ultimate Guide


Taking Care of Your Football Jersey: The Ultimate Guide

Ensuring the longevity of your football jersey starts with understanding how to properly wash and care for it. At MOMUTO, we provide you with premium, player-grade jerseys designed with durability in mind, and to maintain this quality, it's crucial to follow the right care instructions.

Washing Your Football Jersey

To keep your jersey looking fresh and vibrant, wash it inside out at low temperature. This protects the design and fabric from direct exposure to washing machine agitation. Also, opt for mild detergents and avoid fabric softeners as they can affect the quality of the print and fabric.

Washing football jersey inside out

Drying Your Football Jersey

For drying, natural air-dry is the best option. It might be tempting to speed up the process with a tumble dryer, but the high heat can affect the print quality and fabric integrity. Keep your jersey away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading.

The Advantage of Sublimation Over Heat Transfer Printing

Not all jerseys are created equal. The difference often lies in the printing technique. At MOMUTO, we use sublimation printing for our jerseys - a process where the design becomes part of the fabric itself, resulting in a more durable and resilient print. Unlike heat transfer printing where the design is essentially "stuck" onto the fabric surface, sublimation offers a jersey that can withstand the regular football season and more, all while maintaining the brilliance of its design.

Comparing sublimation and heat transfer printing

That's it! By following these guidelines, you can ensure your MOMUTO jersey remains in top shape, game after game. Do you have any other questions about caring for your football jersey? Feel free to leave them in the comments below!