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Bernabéu Glory Jersey

Tribute to Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Dive into the heritage of one of the most iconic stadiums in football with the 'Glory of the Bernabéu' Jersey. This piece not only pays homage to the legendary venue but also embodies the spirit and triumphs of its home team. It features the original club logo from 1902-1908, exquisitely embroidered.

We will produce only 1,000 units of this limited edition.

Special Update: The design has been updated to include the latest 15th UCL Cup.
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Key features include:

Historic Logo: The 1902-1908 original club logo, intricately sewn, representing the team's rich beginnings.

Stadium Coordinates: Discreetly placed on the hem label, the coordinates remind wearers of their spiritual home.

Iconic Quote: Emblazoned on the back of the neck, "Cuando ruge el Bernabéu" ("When the Bernabéu roars..."), capturing the essence of Jorge Valdano's tribute to the stadium's electrifying atmosphere.

Champions’ Gold: Each lateral gold stripe proudly displays the year of the club’s UEFA Champions League victories, commemorating their dominance in Europe.

Cups on Sleeves: The seven UCL cups on each sleeve tally to fourteen, marking each title won by the club in this prestigious tournament.

The Bernabéu Glory Jersey isn’t just apparel—it’s a piece of football history designed to resonate with the hearts of fans who have witnessed the stadium's magic. Own a piece of this legend and let the roar of the Bernabéu lift your spirits.